ORAL in sign language

Note that some of the meanings are related to sound through mouth and some meanings have nothing to do with sound when, for example, referring to a "non-written" concept. Signing is verbal as in the "non-written" concept and in the "non-written" mode of expression. The meanings of words such as "verbal", "oral", etc. in contexts change when neuroscience and linguistics in sign language change the meaning of "language".

ASL signs for "oral"

How to sign "oral" in American Sign Language (ASL)?

Meaning: By word of mouth; vocally-spoken rather than manually-spoken.

Context / usage examples: "an oral method" (in reference to the history of oppression against the use of manual method in Deaf education).


Meaning: relating to the mouth.

Context / usage examples: "oral hygiene".

Related signs: MOUTH, LIPS.

Meanung: spoken (vocal or manual) rather than written; a verbal means (regardless of spoken or signed);

Context / usage examples: "oral tradition", "oral literature".

Related meanings: VIVA.

Meaning: a spoken examination or test (regardless of spoken or signed), referring to non-written form either in spoken or signed medium.

Context / usage examples: "fs-ORAL EXAM" ("oral exam" for the overall communication skills: receptive, comprehension, expressive, and other communicative strategies including negotiation of meaning in ASL.

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