EDUCATION in sign language

How to sign "education" in American Sign Language (ASL)?

Meaning: The act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession. a degree, level, or kind of schooling.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant hand fingerspelling "ED" near the upper side head.

The excerpted clip (00:29) from the 1913 film "A Plea for a Statue of Abbe de L'Epee in America" shows Deaf American Reverend James Cloud signing "education". The other gentleman, who read the English text aloud, was Reverend McCarthy. Ref

The ASL sign before "education" in the video is, in case you're wondering, "Deaf". By the way, James Cloud signed DEAF from mouth to ear several times throughout the film. There was discussion whether Deaf people sign DEAF from ear to mouth or vice versa. Just a note.

Interesting, in relation to the old ASL sign in 1913, the signer in the video (circa 2000s) showed the similar sign -- at least in the handshape -- that came from one of the signed languages on the international platform.

However, it's not used in ASL. It's just for documentation.



Deaf Education

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