AIRPLANE in sign language



"How do you say "airplane" in American Sign Language?"

Meaning: An aircraft with wings capable of flight, generally heavier than air and driven by jet engines or propellers.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "ILY" handshape with palm down held in space briefly moves forward twice. The "ILY" handshape is the fist except for the pinkie, forefinger, and thumb being extended.

Ask Q, Answer Q

Question: The ASL signs AIRPORT and AIRPLANE seem to be the same, aren't they? If so, I suppose they rely upon the context in which they're used to determine the difference.

Answer: Yes, it can be identified in context as well as in a sentence. E.g. GO-to/DRIVE-to-IX1 AIRPORT. GET-in AIRPLANE or WAIT in-LINE ENTER AIRPLANE.

Kid signing "airplane"

Observe how a bilingual ASL-speaking kid acquired the ASL word "airplane" from the earliest emergence during the one-word stage to the full-formed handshape many months later in a case study. Each child develops at a different pace; however, the phonological process remains consistent.

At age 1;0 during the early one-word stage, the word emerged with the unmarked handshape which was "A" for a brief time. Then, the baby briefly used "1" or index finger handshape before she used "20" or "baby O" handshape which lasted several months. At age 1;5, the "raspberry" mouthing emerged with the ASL word "airplane". At age 1;8, the toddler began to use open hand or flat hand which eventually evolved into the "ILY" handshape. At age 2;3, the toddler began to use the "6" handshape which she did the same for other ASL words with the "ILY" handshape during this stage. She also used other two variants, probably being conscious. At age 3;2, the preschooler comfortably formed the "ILY" handshape.

The "ILY" handshape is one of the most difficult handshapes to acquire during the early language development in ASL (American Sign Language) for a baby signing "airplane". This case study demonstrates how phonological development works in real life, no different from speech language.



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