Signs for ISRAEL

Meaning: A country between Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "I" hand (handshape), palm facing left if right-handed (orientation), the tip of "I" handshape in initial contact with the side of chin (location), moves down a bit and then moves down a bit again on the other side of the chin (movement).

Same sign for Israeli: of or relating to the people or the republic of Israel.

Related signs: HEBREW, JEW/JEWISH.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf-related postage stamp

Israel Post issued 10 postage stamps on Israel Sign Language in April 2014 to raise awareness of deaf people and their (sign) language.

Israeli postage stamp of 2014/
Image source: timesofisrael (2022)

In Israeli Sign Language, the colorful stamps shows the signs in Israeli SL: thank you (lavender), green (kiss), friendship (dark blue), love (red), and good bye (light blue).

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