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Definition: A painted cloth hung at the back of a theater stage as part of the scenery.




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The Catty Show: Anecdote

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the university officially announced a move from in-class delivery to online delivery immediately during the weekend. I worked hard on the transition over the weekend and Monday (classes cancelled across the university). On the first day of live class delivery on Tuesday within about 5 minutes, Kibe (the Handspeak mascot/supervisor/cat) sat on a small table behind me looking at the black backdrop behind me. As I talked in ASL to my students on the screen, I could see myself and the cat behind me on my monitor. Suddenly, everyone gasped as the cat jumped high. In slow motion of this two-second incident, she intended to land on the horizontal bar but the bar wasn't strong enough to boost her. As she landed on the bar, the pole on one end pulled down and the bar tilted. The cat tried to grab with her paws as she was falling down. She landed on her feet and ran out. The class laughed hard. Regretfully, there was no video recording through the webcam. -- Jolanta, March 2020.

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