Meaning: a power of perception or an extra sense, beyond five commonly recognized senses: hearing, taste, sight, smell, and touch; often thought of as extrasensory perception or intuition.

Related signs: extrasensory perception, INTUITION, gut feeling.

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A funny, true anecdote called "Four senses and..." excerpted from

"During an activity in a sign language interpreting class, each Deaf/ASL model including myself had to repeat an interesting fact about human anatomy in his/her own ASL expression after reading a randomly assigned card.

"When it came to my turn to tell in ASL, it turned out that my assigned fact was quite a 'cliche'. I forewarned the students (of course in ASL), 'It's not an interesting one and you all know this one. Anyway, humans have five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and...umm.'

"At this odd moment, my hands struggled, 'um... what?' Ok, I repeated, 'sight, taste, smell, touch and... um... what? Come on...' I struggled again with this unusual mental block. The hearing students and Deaf models quickly helped out, 'HEARING' and, quite interesting, 'DEAF'. -- Jolanta, April 12, 2001.

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