NEW YEAR in sign language

ASL sign for NEW YEAR

In this word entry, learn how to express "new year", "happy new year", and new year's resolutions.

ASL signs for "new year"

How to sign "new year" in American Sign Language? And, how to sign the phrase "happy new year".

Meaning: The calendar year just begun or about to begin; the first day or few days of a year in any of various calendars.

Pronunciation (sign description): A signed compound of "NEW+YEAR".

Phrases with "new year"

Phrase containing three words: happy new year.

Meaning (new year's resolutions): decision to improve life during new year.


Related signs: On the new year EVE, as the clock strikes midnight, FIREWORKS shot up into sky. Everyone makes a new year's RESOLUTION. By February, virtually all resolutions are broken.

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