Signs for CULTURE

Definition: The human social customs, norms, behaviors, beliefs, values, arts and heritage of a particular society, group, or time.

This sign has been around for decades until the recent trend of the ASL signs as shown below (circa 2015) that is gradually replacing the existing sign above.

ASL sign (without the passive "1" handshape), circa 2015. Video contributed by Shari Kido, 2017.

Another variation. Circa 2015.

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Deaf Culture and tidbits


"A language divorced from its culture is like a body without a soul." -- Bilingual researcher Colin Baker, 2006.

"Without a legitimately recognized language, there is no culture; without a culture, there is no self-identity; without a self-identity, you just go on trying to be what others demand you to be." -- Lou Fant, Deaf person in the 20th century.

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