TEXTURE in sign language

"How do you say 'texture' in American Sign Language (ASL)?"

Meaning: The characteristic appearance or feeling of a surface or substance having a tactile quality.

The feeling of a surface or a fabric.


Related signs: FEEL, TOUCH, SURFACE.

Sensory food texture that can be felt with the tongue, palate, and teeth: buttery -- smooth and creamy like butter. Chewy -- food that needs to be chewed a lot before swallowing like a granola, jerky beef, and gummy candies. Crumbly -- easily falls apart into small pieces like a dry cookie. Crunchy -- that makes a sharp noise when eaten like crackers. Creamy -- smooth texture without any lumps like tomato soup. Gooey -- sticky and soft. Juicy -- texture which contains a lot of juice. Lumpy -- a liquid containing solid pieces like understirred milk-based porridge. Moist -- slightly wet texture like fruits. Runny -- containing more liquid than normal like undercooked overeasy eggs. Sticky -- viscuous texture like peanut butter. Soft -- easily changes shape when pressed like a white bread. Tender -- food that is easy to chew like braised meat and cooked beans.

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