Meaning: a city in Taiwan.

This loanword is borrowed from Taiwanese Sign Language.

Related signs: TAIWAN, ASIA.

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Deaf History

Deaflympics in Taipei 2009
Photo by Jolanta Lapiak, 2009.

Deaflympics 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Deaflympics in Taipei
Photo by Jolanta Lapiak, 2009.

Closing ceremonies at Deaflympics 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Story: After I broke the world record in 200m butterfly in swimming at Deaflympics (then World Games for the Deaf) in Christchurch, New Zealand. For the next 20 years, I never attended any Deaflympics games. Out of blue sky, Japanese acquaintances called me via videophone and desired to meet me in Taiwan (which we never did). Beating some odds, I ended up sitting in the bleachers, watching the 200m butterfly finals and realizing I had never been a fan, but strangely always an athlete, because I still held the world record. Still competing with them in the finals, I just sat. Before the last seconds, I knew it was the last time. I witnessed the Chinese Deaf swimmer breaking my own world record. Again, beating the security odds, I had an opportunity to meet the new record holder and congratulated her before I left. A lovely closure with my own eye.

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