MUSLIM in sign language

There are several variations for "Muslim", which are some loanwords, in American Sign Language.

Definition: Of or relating to the religion, law, or civilization of Islam.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "small-C" or "clawed-L", palm facing outward, held in mid-space shakes a couple of times.

This trend has become more commonly used lately. [Video contributed by Zee Abdulla.]

Variation. [Video contributed by Zee Abdulla.]

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant flat hand, palm in, in contact with forehead, moves towards non-dominant flat hand, palm in.

This is one of a few older ASL signs, but the first two above may be more preferred or acceptable.

Variation: Dominant flat hand, palm in, in contact with non-dominant flat hand, palm in, both hand moves outward twice.

Another variation of the older ASL sign was the dominant "M" tapping on the top of the passive hand.

Related signs: RAMADAN, ALLAH.

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