Signs for TUSK

A tusk, usually growing in pairs, is a long, curved tooth that protrudes from the mouth of some animals.

ASL signs for "tusk"

Descriptive classifiers can be expressed differently for subjects, such as walrus and elephant.

Meaning (classifier): an elephant's long pointed teeth.

Variation: a walrus' long pointed teeth.

Variation: a walrus's teeth.

Use a different direction of the movement for a walrus's tusks.

Related signs: TOOTH.


Examples of animals which have some kinds of a pair of tusks: ELEPHANT, WALRUS, HIPPO.

Unlike the other animals, NARWHAL is a beautiful creature with a single spiral tusk protruding out of its face, like "a unicorn of the sea".

WARTHOG has two pairs of short tusks. The top pair is longer and curled more, where the bottom dagger-like pair is shorter and straight.

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