SLAP in sign language

How do you sign "slap" in ASL? The signs for 'slap' can be locative variations, locative classifiers, depending on what sentences involve. Here is a general concept only.

Meaning: To strike with the open hand.

Meaning: To slap, strike (e.g. a person) with the open hand.

Cross-cultural anecdote

One of a few funny misfortunes was that a couple stopped to let Juli (age 1;7) pet their dog. Juli, sitting in her stroller, hesitated to pet but she looked at the stranger and spontaneously told a story, insect got-slapped! (where the production for "insect" was not perfect). She was talking about a mosquito. The man smiled subtly (or at least half-smiled).

Imagine, the man through his perception, who didn't know ASL and had no idea about the early phonological development in sign language) looked at the toddler who signed by "honking" her nose and "slapped". How weird that toddler must be! He'd never think of a 'insect' or 'mosquito'. The "claw 3" handshape for INSECT is one of the handshapes to develop only much later.

Signoclasm -- slapping hands

Signoclasm is a coined term (2005) which is defined as the practice of prohibiting or destroying sign language, such as slapping hands, forbidding the use of sign language, etc. Many deaf people commonly have experienced some kinds of "signoclasm" across the generations worldwide.

Several deaf people have told that their hands were slapped with a ruler when they signed in schools in the 20th century. Ref

"I also experienced the slap of a ruler on my hands that itched to sign." -- American Deaf artist Kim Anderson (2019). Ref

"A hearing kindergarten teacher slapped my face when I couldn't speak the letter "L" properly in several sessions." -- J.L.

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