Signs for CLOUD

Printable ASL sign for CLOUD

How do you say 'cloud' in ASL? In general, it usually refers to the plural form -- clouds.

Meaning: A visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground.

Pronunciation (sign description): Two-handed, loosely clawed "5" hands (handshape), both palms up (orientation), in upper space above your face (location), both move alternately in circular motion (movement) at the same time.

Variation: Two-handed, loosely clawed "5" hands with one dominant's palm down and the other non-dominant palm up below the dominant hand, both hands move in circular motions (in opposite directions) while slightly moving sideway.

Usage: "cloud", "clouds", "cloudy".

Related signs: MIST, FOG, SMOG.

How do you say a single cloud in ASL? Sign "ONE + CLOUD" without moving sideway.

Brighten Your Day

Cloud doodle by Jolanta Lapiak
Digital doodle art by Jolanta Lapiak. 2019

Clouds hover over your head when you feel okay; SUN brightens your day when you're happy; RAIN drips on your when you cry; LIGHTNING zaps on you when you feel electrified.

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