CAPTIONING in sign language

Image with permission by Matt and Kay Daigle, 2022.

ASL signs for captioning

How to sign "captioning" and "closed captioning" in American Sign Language?

Meaning; A text version of the spoken part of a television, movie, or computer presentation.

Originally, it was developed as accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people. But, it's now commonly used by hearing people in various situations such as pubs and bars, doctor offices, homes of immigrants, etc.


Meaning: subtitles, captions. [Video contributed by Greg Eyben, 2018.]

Closed Captions

Meaning: closed captioning ("cc" symbol) -- one of a series of subtitles to a television program, accessible through a decoder.


In the 1980s, Deaf advocates fought for accessibility on television to bring closed captions to all TV programs. Today, all television sets have a CC chip in each. If you don't know yet, turn on your TV and find a CC setting.

Today on computer and other devices as well as web browsers and apps can transcribe spoken languages into live captions.



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