BOOKMARK in sign language

Printable ASL sign for BOOKMARK


This ASL word/sign is general, but you can adapt the classifier to be more specific for a type of a bookmark, such as a paperclip-like version.

Meaning: A marker for finding a place in a book.

Pronunciation (sign description): The palms of two-handed flat hands hold together, then they open while the bottom edges of the hands remain together. Then, dominant "H" with palm up moves toward between the thumb and forefinger the non-dominant palm-up flat hand.

Variation: To be more specific, you can use some different classifier for a bookmark, such as the one that is more similar to a paperclip.


Related signs: There is no home for a bookmark other than a BOOK. Got no bookmark? Try these alternatives: PAPERCLIP, SCRAP paper, TASSEL.

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