BAT in sign language

A drawing of a bat
A drawing by coda, age 5

A drawing by Juli at age 5;9 shows a picture of the bat and text that she wrote without help, "to Batt / You are invitted to a Hawen prty" which means "You're invited to a Halloween party."

ASL signs for "bat"

How to sign "bat" in American Sign Language (ASL) depends on whether you mean a baseball bat or a little flying night-life animal.

Meaning: A mainly nocturnal mammal that can fly, with membranous wings that extend between the fingers and connecting the forelimbs to the body and the hindlimbs to the tail.

Pronunciation (sign description): Both hands with "near-S" handshape in contact with sides of upper torso, arms crossed, both index fingers flick twice.

Related signs: ANIMAL.

A specially shaped piece of wood used for hitting the ball in baseball.

Pronunciation (sign description) glossed as BASEBALL + CL:bat.

Related signs: BASEBALL.

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