Signs for JOKE

Definition: Something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, especially a story with a funny punchline.

This lexicalized sign is also commonly used.

Related signs: JEST, PUN, QUIP, GAG, FUNNY.

To make jokes or to talk funny: BANTER, JOSH, TEASE, FOOL.

Written ASL

[Note: ASL writing is not an official standard. This sign language writing remains in a state of open space to allow room for experiment, evolution, and improvement.]

ASL written for JOKE (fs)

Written ASL digit for "fs-JOKE" contributed by the ASLwrite community, 2018.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf Jokes

There are many Deaf jokes (only told by Deaf people) such as The Timber, The Motel and other classic jokes.

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