Signs for MURDER

Meaning: The crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought.

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Deaf Humor and Language Play

Context: One annoying thing in news is mentioning a person's deafness in association with something unrelated to being deaf.

What's the point of mentioning that a murderer (or any other form of criminals) is deaf in news? Is it necessary to emphasize it (whether it is deaf, colored, LGBT+, or such)? Are hearing murderers more acceptable and somehow more a 'norm' than other criminals who are not hearing, not white, not LGBT+, etc.?

In response to a general stereotype in news, a Deaf guy Greg Eyben came across a news clipping below and made a joke in his vlog posted on Facebook.

Hearing Murder Humor
Clipping news posted by Greg Eyben, circa 2014

Greg joked in ASL on the headline "Hearing held for accused in murder case", roughly translated as "Know what, have you heard of the shocking news? [showing the news clipping] See the headline. A hearing person was arrested/accused for the murder case! A hearie!" Of course, we as well as Greg himself know the other meaning of 'hearing'! He just played a joke to make a point.

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