Meaning: To form a line or to stand in line.

This sign usually refers to people involved in a line-up.

Meaning: a very long line-up.

The length of the movement of the dominant hand and the facial expression ("aah" mouthing) can be modified to indicate how long the line is. It usually refers to people in a line.

Meaning: two lines or rows of people facing each other.

Note: The palm orientation shows the side of a person.

Meaning: to line up in two rows of people facing each other; a lineup in two rows of people facing each other (usually people).

Meaning: simultaneous lineup; a lineup of the people. E.g. a police lineup or "physical lineup".

Meaning: to form a line; a line-up in a row (of people).

The palm orientation shows which people stand in line in front of or behind the person. The frontal palm represents the front of the individuals.

Meaning: Two rows of lineups of people facing forward.

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