TENSE, TENSION in sign language

How to sign "tense", "tension" in American Sign Language (ASL)? Depends on whether you mean feeling tights in your blood or tense in grammar.

ASL signs for tense

Note that there are more modifications beyond these signs. Also use synonyms for other meanings than these.

Meaning: Nervous in a mental or emotional state; uptight; all wound up.

Related signs: TIGHT, STIFF.

Oppose: LOOSE.

Usage examples in contexts: "her body tensed up".

Meaning: the state of being stretched tight.

Usage examples: "a fibre", "a cord".

Use the "1" handshape or forefinger instead when talking about two persons or entities having tensions.

Usage examples: "growing tensions between the two countries".

Meaning: a form of verb used to show the time -- past, present, and future time of the action or state it indicates.


Meaning: characterized by a strain upon feelings or nerves. See <NERVOUS, NERVE-RACKING.

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