Signs for CALL

Definition: To dial (a telephone number).

To dial (a telephone number).

Verb inflection: "call me (by phone)".

Related signs: call around.

Definition: To give (an infant or animal) or a specific name; have a specified name.

Definition: To demand or ask for the presence of; summon.

To speak loudly, as to attract attention; shout; to cry out in a loud voice.

Related signs: BECKON.


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Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf Anecdote

"Phone One Way" by a Deaf woman (2009): "Strolling in the grocery store, hearing people around me suddenly looked at me with a perplexed look on their faces. Strange, I thought. What's up?

"My boyfriend later told me, signing with a loving tone (translated as) 'Thank you for the phone call. That was so sweet.' What? I never did. He insisted that I phoned him with my phone earlier in the day; with the silence on my end, he spoke loudly 'I love you!' for me to feel it on the phone. Back at the store, my PDA accidentally phoned him itself in my purse and it said loudly 'I love you!' coming out of the purse, while I strutted around unknowingly." Story from

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