Signs for SOCK

Meaning: covering or clothing for foot.

Pronunciation (production): Two-handed forefingers (handshape), palms down (orientation), both forefingers in contact by their side (location), alternate forward few times (movement).

Meaning: covering or clothing for foot.

Variation; uncommonly used.

Language learning, language play, etc.

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Deaf Culture and tidbits

Baby signing

This video shows how the baby signs SOCK from the earliest phonological development.

The baby began with the two-handed "flat O" handshape with the correct location, movement, and orientation during the one-word stage (about age 1.0 to 1.5). Then, she formed the correct handshape by age 2. Note that this may vary from child to child.

In phonological acquisition for ASL-speaking children, handshape has the largest number of errors of the parameters (movement, location, and orientation), according to studies. Contrary to common belief, signing is not easier than speech, as language is amodal.

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