ROOSTER in sign language

Doodle art
Doodle art (2022) by Jolanta Lapiak.

The doodle is integrated with ASL written word.

ASL sign for ROOSTER

How to sign "rooster" in American Sign Language (ASL)? The male fowl sitting on the fence crows so early in the morning, ya know? That.

Meaning: an adult male fowl.

Pronunciation (production): Dominant "3" (handshape), palm facing left if right-handed (orientation), thumb tapping twice (movement) on the forehead (location).

This ASL word is onomatopoeic, resembling a rooster's red comb on top of his head.

Related signs: CHICKEN, HEN.

ASL storytelling

Watch the fable The Rooster and the Fox told in ASL.

American Deaf poet Dr. Clayton Valli has a wonderful ASL poem called "Cow and Rooster". He was the pioneer of ASL poetics, focusing on two main poetic elements: rhyme and meter, including alliteration in ASL in his dissertation in the 1970s (shortly after the emergence of ASL linguistics by Dr. William Stokoe in the 1960s). Through his work, ASL poetry became more recognized and appreciated.

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