FLY in sign language

There are several signs for "FLY" depending on what the subject/object is in a sentence. Some are classifier verbs such as "travel by airplane" and "flying kite". And, lastly, a pathline classifier is used for some verb phrases.

Meaning: To move or be hurled quickly through the air by aircraft (e.g. airplane); aviate.

Meaning: (of a bird or other winged creature) move through the air; to move in or pass through the air with wings.

Related signs: FLAP, FLUTTER, GLIDE, SOAR.

Meaning: Any of numerous two-winged insects including the housefly.

Same (lexicalized) sign for HOUSEFLY

Learner Q: "There is a finger-misspelling in your video for FLY."

A: No. Not only it's normal, it's also correct. See co-articulation to learn more why it's fingerspelled that way.

Some classifier verbs and plain verbs don't work with FLY verbs. So, the pathline classifier (video right above) is used. E.g. BIRD FLY-WINGS CL:pathline(in the sky). You cannot use the FLY-WINGS sign in the air above you. Instead, use the classifier pathline.

Classifier phrase: To move or be hurled quickly through the air.

Examples: To make (something) float or move through the air. E.g. flying kite, flying bird in the sky, insect flying around.

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