HOMEWORK in sign language

Homework is definitely one of ASL 101 students' first words within the first days of classes. Such an important ASL word to add to your core vocabulary, yea.


How to sign "homework" in American Sign Language. Like the English word, this ASL sign is also a compound word.

Meaning: schoolwork that a student is required to do at home; schoolwork assigned to students to be completed outside the classroom.

Pronunciation/articulation: Dominant "flat O" handshape with its fingertips touching on the lower cheek near the mouth and then tapping on the upper cheek a bit away from the mouth; then dominant "S" handshape (palm orientation down) taps twice on the top of the passive "S" handshape (palm orientation down).


My hearing ASL students' eyeballs perk up whenever I use one of those other important ASL words in classroom: TEST, QUIZ, EXAM, ASSIGNMENT.


No homework? Ooh, ya lucky. No? So you want some extra homework? All right, you're indeed motivated. You can do some more exercises such as fingerspelling receptive skill practice or browse some tutorials in the Learn section.


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