Signs for HAIRCUT

Why is cutting hair sometimes, if not often, so emotional? You're in for a treat with the funny hair-related story below.

ASL signs for 'haircut'

Learn how to sign 'haircut' in American Sign Language.

Meaning: The style in which a person's hair is cut.

The handshape is a classifier for "scissors" in this HAIRCUT sign.


Hair-related signs

A new life with a new job, new apartment, new romance in a new city. A jubilant young Deaf lady with new clothes strolled through the downtown streets in free flow. Spontaneously, she decided to have a second ear-piercing in both ears and within the next hour, she decided to have a hair CUT and STYLE.

She entered the SALON with the only Italian BARBER in the whole empty salon (ah, which explains why later). She made it clear in both gestures and writing that she wanted to grow her shoulder-length HAIR long, so she only wanted a tiny TRIM along the bottom. The proud, perfectionist Italian with black smooth thick hair boldly nodded, turned the lady around away from the mirror (ah, a red flag), and trimmed, trimmed, trimmed with his brand new SCISSORS. Becoming anxious, she gestured to him, no more trims. He fluently gestured -- No, no, no worries, he knew exactly what he was doing, promising a wonderful result. CLIP, clip, clip. Time stretched too long for a simple trim. Clip, clip, clip. Her hair felt less and less weighty, almost airy, before she stopped him. The confident Italian barber handed her the mirror. Her length ran close to the ear level. Furious, upset, awaiting home to sob with all heart out. At the cashier, the barber expected her to pay in full and he gracefully handed her a discount card, "You can come back for a half price on your next haircut."

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