CARROT in sign language

Use fingerspelling for some signers, usually older generations. For other signs, there is a sign.

ASL signs for CARROT

Meaning: A tapering, long orange-colored root eaten as a vegetable.

Pronunciation (sign description): Squeeze with the dominant "S" hand in upper space toward the cheek.

Related signs: Carrot is a yummy, orange VEGETABLE.

Vocabulary activity

One of some ideas for ASL classroom's vocabulary and classifiers exercises is the association activity. It can be used as a warm-up or wrap-up activity. For ASL students, you can also try them yourself outside class.

Have groups of students brainstorm the ideas of associations with a carrot, using vocabulary and phrases as well as classifiers.

Examples: put a carrot on a snowman's face; rabbit's favorite vegetable; throw the carrot scraps or leftovers into the compost pile; kid's easy-to-pack-in lunch box; great nutrition benefits for eye health, ...

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