Signs for WEEK

This word entry consists of ASL signs, numeral incorporation, and phrases.

ASL sign for WEEK

"How do you sign 'week' in American Sign Language?"

Meaning: A period of seven successive days.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "1" hand in contact with the non-dominant palm-in horizontal flat slides rightward toward the end of the passive hand (if you're right-handed). The palm orientation of the dominant hand usually faces either outward or sideway; palm-in orienation is occasinoal.

Q: My non-dominant palm is open and my dominant palm is facing down on top of my non-dominant hand. But I notice when you sign WEEK your dominant hand is on its side. Are both palm orientations acceptable or am I signing it incorrectly?

A: Either is correct. It may be a phonological variation. The orientation may be related to co-articulation, intonation, or even accent.


For this week, there are two versions -- one version is a set of two regular words and another version is a compound word.

For beginners, use "THIS+WEEK". The gloss (+) as in THIS+WEEK means two signwords, whereas the gloss (-) as in THIS-WEEK means a single signword.

Meaning: this week. Glossed as THIS-WEEK. [Video signed by Mikey Krajnak, 2016.]

Used by fluent and especially native signers, it indicates "this week", as well as "sometime this week", depending on the contexts.


Related signs: last week, next week, WEEKLY, WEEKEND, MIDWEEK.

Numeral incorporation

This sign can be incorporated with a number up to nine. Learn more about numeral incorporation.

Definition: two weeks; a period of fourteen consecutive days.

Meaning: two weeks ago.

Definition: three weeks; a period of twenty-one consecutive days.

Meaning: three weeks AGO.

Meaning: three times a week.

Meaning: five times a week.

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