VOCABULARY in sign language

How to sign "vocabulary" in American Sign Language (ASL)? And tips on learning ASL vocabulary.

Meaning: A list or collection of the words or phrases in a particular language, technical field, etc., usually arranged in alphabetical order and defined.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "V" handshape, palm down just above non-dominant palm-down horizontal index finger, taps twice on the passive forefinger, where the top part of the dominant-handed middle finger and index finger are in contact with the non-dominant forefinger.

Meaning: big words; big-word vocabulary.


Synonyms: WORD, sesquipedalian, TERM.


ASL learning tips

Keep in mind that learning a bunch of ASL signs isn't equate with learning the language. Meaning? Learn ASL grammar. Vocabulary + grammar = language! Very commonly, hearing people think that learning ASL is learning vocabulary with English grammar in it.

Rather than just practice signing a set or word list of ASL words, use them in sentences.

To avoid cultural appropriation and audism, learn our language for your curiosity, exploration, or communication with Deaf signers, but don't go out and about teaching others signed words online or offline. More than not, hearing signers often pronounce them wrong without realizing or making them look a bit awkward or disrespectful without understanding the history of audism, cultural appropriation, and a number of other -isms. Instead, refer to Deaf-owned, Deaf-run resources.

To learn more vocabulary, browse word lists or search a word in the ASL dictionary below.

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