UNIVERSITY in sign language

This entry shows you how to sign 'university' and some vocabulary and also offers some tips on how to find colleges or universities to take ASL courses.

ASL signs for "university"

What is the sign for "university" in American Sign Language?

Definition: An educational institution of the highest level, having a college of liberal arts and a program of graduate studies together with several professional schools.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "U" hand (handshape) with the palm outward in contact with the non-dominant flat palm-in hand (location) moves from the palm downward, sideways, and upward in a smooth arc motion.

If you see this variation, it's related to an informal register in contrast to the formal citation as shown above (first video).

This phonological variation in movement (opposite direction with the dominant hand) is sometimes seen.

University vocabulary

University and COLLEGE are where you go to get a higher EDUCATION (for better or for worse). Semester after SEMESTER, as a STUDENT, you STUDY hard and RESEARCH a lot. You find your brain begin to burn up. Your roomie recommend a party. Well, everyone needs a break once in a while, right?

In your UNDERGRADUATE program, you just found out that there is a foreign language requirement. Ah, you had already taken ASL classes in HIGH SCHOOL, and hmm, you stroke your chin, thinking it'd be an easy course for you to retake it. The Deaf ASL instructor caught you within minutes on the first day of class and sent you for a placement assessment. Now, you've been placed in advanced Deaf studies course taught by a tough, fast-signing Deaf professor. Oh well, tough luck, pal.

If you're looking for ASL coures, see some tips on how to find ASL programs or courses.

ASL Writing

Need to write down the ASL word to help you remember the sign? Here is the image showing how.

ASL written for UNIVERSITY
Printable, 2018.

Top image is what the listener views whereas the bottom image of the written ASL digit for "university" is the signer's perspective.

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