UNDERSTAND in sign language

"How do you say 'understand' in American Sign Language?" See some versions for different meanings.


Meaning: Definition: To perceive the meaning of; grasp the idea of; comprehend.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant hand with the palm is held near the upper side of head. The index finger and thumb are formed with the thumb kind of covering the forefinger; it's almost a fist, but not truly fist. Then, the index finger flicks or springs up into the upright form.

Usage examples: You can use it in pretty most contexts.

Synonym. Glossed as MIND+CLEAR. It's not much often used in ASL, usually used by native and fluent Deaf ASL signers in few contexts.

Usage example: After long minutes of struggling with the math formula, the learner tries to figure out no matter how his mentor tries to explain to the learner. The mentor explains in different ways; then it finally hits the learner who signed, "PAH, IX-me MIND+CLEAR".

Meaning (understanding): understanding as in being sympathetic or supportive.

Usage example: "Don't worry; the boss is a very understanding person."

Related words

Synonyms: Do you COMPREHEND?

Antonyms: Hope you won't MISUNDERSTAND or MISINTERPRET any ASL signs in the future!


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