TRUE in sign language

How do you sign 'true' in American Sign Language (ASL)? And, what is "TRUE+WAY" in ASL?

ASL signs for "true"

Meaning: Consistent with fact or reality; not false or erroneous.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant index finger with its tip in contact with the chin (or lips) and palm facing left if right-handed moves forward once. Location variation is either chin or lips. Context, as always.

Slightest modified signs of this base sign change subtle meanings that native Deaf signers can perceive and produce. It may be a combination of intonation and movement.

Learner tips: Not to confuse this sign with similar signword for SURE (different tone and/or stress).

Beyond the base of this ASL word, Deaf signers use a variety of slightly different movements (including a combination of repetition, duration, and length) to convey a gradient of synonyms or meanings.


[videos soon] TRUE+WAY+[word], used by Deaf native signers, roughly, means "it's actually what it's", "it's actually the way something/someone/entity does".



Opposite: FALSE, UNTRUE.


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