Signs for "array"

"How do you say 'array' in American Sign Language?" There are several, actually many, signs, depending on the subjects or objects, often with classifier expressions.

ASL signs for "array"

Meaning: to display or arrange things in a particular way; an ordered series or arrangement.

Usage examples: "an impressive array of books". If talking about arrays in 3D animation production, use classifiers for various arrays of lines.

Meaning: an ordered series or arrangement.

Usage examples: "several arrays of solar panels".

Usage examples: "the array of facts".

Meaning: an array of different things or people. E.g. "a bewildering array of emotions", "a diverse array of aquatic plants and animals". Use DIFFERENT++ or the other (classifier).

For beginners if unsure, you can use the plural adjective "DIFFERENT++" instead of the other signwords below.

Meaning: an impressive display or range of a particular type of thing.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant horizontal "4" handshape, palm in front of signer, right below non-dominant horizontal palm-in "4" handshape, moves downward with "pp" mouth morpheme (intonation or NMS).

Usage examples: "a vast array of literature on the topic", "a diverse array of companies".

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "4" handshape, palm down, next to non-dominant palm-up "4" handshape, moves sideways with "pp" mouth morpheme (intonation or NMS) while the non-dominant hand remains stationary.

Usage examples: "a vast array of indigenous art at the museum", "the shop offers an array of neckties of every color and stripe".

Related signs


Several ways of expressing "array" in American Sign Language. Here is a couple of examples in general.

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