Meaning: A shot in which a subject, scene, or action is brought closer or made to recede by the use of a zoom lens.

Related signs: ZOOM LENS, CAMERA LENS.

{work in progress} -- camera shot types.

long shot -- used to show the subject from a distance.

medium shot.

close-up -- Fills the screen with part of the subject, such as a person’s head/face.

eye level

high angle. Subject is photographed from above eye level.

aerial shot, bird-eye view, top shot. A high-angle shot that's taken from directly overhead and from a distance.

low angle -- Subject is photographed from below eye level.

Dutch Angle/Tilt. Shot in which the camera is set at a tilted angle that the horizon line is not level.

Over-the-Shoulder Shot.

tracking shot, following shot, dolly.

zoom shot. Shot taken with the camera approximately at human eye level.


tilt shot. Where pans move horizontally, tilts move vertically. They can start high and move down, or vice versa—either way, they're vertical.

handheld shot. shaky style of camera work.

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