TEA in sign language

ASL signs for TEA

There are two variants of the sign word "tea" in American Sign Language.

Definition: A hot beverage made by infusing the dried, crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "F" hand (handshape) with palm facing down (orientation) is in contact with the non-dominant upright "S" hand (location), where the tips of index finger and thumb are inside the non-dominant fist. The dominant hand moves back and forth at wrist a few times, almost shaking.

Phonological variation. For beginners, don't confuse this sign with VOTE or ELECTION.


Related signs: Do you steep TEABAG or STEEP tea leaves in hot water in a TEAPOT?

What types of teas do you DRINK? For BLACK tea, GREEN tea, and WHITE tea, use the regular signs for colors plus TEA. Fingerspell for MATCHA, HERBAL, and OOLONG. Fingerspell "ICE" or sometimes "iced" plus TEA for "iced tea".

Opposite: COFFEE.

Deaf Art

Art by David Call
Image/art by David Call. Linocut, 2018.

"Tea" by Deaf American artist, David Call.

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