Signs for SUNSET

Meaning: The apparent descent of the sun below the horizon in the evening.

Pronunciation/articulation: Right-handed dominant "9" handshape, palm facing left, moves down in arc, passing the left-handed flat-B, palm down. Variations: The "O" handshape may be used in some cases. Sometimes, the "C" handshape may be also used, usually referring to a larger round of sun than usual or it's used in poetry.

Related signs: SUN, EVENING, NIGHT

Opposite: SUNRISE.

Language learning, language play, etc.

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Deaf Culture and tidbits

Through toddler's cognitive lens

Coda and deaf babies say the darndest cute things in sign language.

One evening at around bedtime, the toddler Juli (age 1;4) repeated uttering light, light.. light.. light (early production). Her father turned to me, "What did she sign?" Without any context, I answered my best, signing light. I trusted my instinct.

The father let Juli lead him from the family room through the hallway to the front door. He came back, signing "You're right. She was referring the light to the sunset." Sunset? I thought, fascinating.

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