SUNGLASSES in sign language


Sunglasses and eye contact are an interplay in Deaf culture. As eyes are very important to Deaf people as ears are to hearing people, sunglasses in scorching days are a necessary item to protect their priceless eyes. At the same time, eye contact dictates conversations. So, better get familiar with social etiquette on when to wear and when not to wear sunglasses.

Anyway, here is how to sign for 'sunglasses'.

Meaning: Glasses tinted to protect the eyes from sunlight or glare.

Pronunciation (sign description): There are two components of this compound word (sign) in it. Dominant flat "O" hand held in upper space near the headside twists inward and then one-handed or two-handed "claw-L" handshape taps with its/their thumbs on the cheek(s) below the eye(s).

Another variation of the second portion is the "G" handshape with the forefinger and thumb tapping while moving backward a bit in front of the eye.

When to use one of these two variations? Maybe the former can be referred to the large sunglasses while the latter is more related to the slim style. Though, it's not always the case.



Here is a few general common-sense tips and advice.

Avoid mirror-like sunglasses; instead, use tinted sunglasses.

It's okay to wear them at skiing resorts and beaches. But, you can take them off when there is comfortably shady, such as under a gazebo, tree, and such.

Wearing sunglasses indoors is no excuse, right? No different from hearing culture, I suppose. With a few exceptions for medical reasons, of course.

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