SUN in sign language

a drawing of the sun by kid
(c) Julianna LC, 2015. At age 4;9, the bilingual ASL-speaking coda was learning to write words in kindergarten.

This word entry contains the ASL sign for "sun", kid signing "sun", and links to more vocabulary.

ASL sign for "sun"

"How do you say 'sun' in American Sign Language?"

Meaning: The star around which the earth orbits.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant flat "O" hand held in upper space near the head moves in a semi-circular motion and then moves outward while the handshape transforms into the "5" handshape with the palm outward.

Kid signing "sun"

The video shows how the bilingual ASL-speaking kid learned to utter "sun" in American Sign Language. Initially, at age 1;1, she used the ASL "moon" for the sun. At later age, she differentiated the ASL words "moon" from "sun".

At age 1;2, the baby associated the sun with an orange sitting on the kitchen counter or it reminded her of the orange that she probably felt hungry for more.

At age 4, it's an example of language play where she integrated the ASL word with animation and she used the desk lamp as an imaginary sun which destroyed the rocket.


Related signs: The sun is also a STAR. Our EARTH revolves around the sun, whereas the MOON orbits the Earth.

You SUNBATHE in the sun especially to get a SUNTAN, but be sure to use some SUNTAN LOTION or good luck with the SUNBURN. :-o


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