TEXT, TEXTING in sign language

In addition to videophone on devices, texting is the most common use of mobile phone communication for deaf signers.

ASL sign for "text"

How to sign "text" or "texting" in American Sign Language:

Meaning: send a messaging text via mobile phone, cell phone, or PDA; SMS.

Pronunciation (sign description): With both "10" hands with the palms facing each other and in contact, the thumbs flick twice simultaneously, sometimes alternately.


Related signs: SEND (see one of the variations), PHONE.

Deaf Awareness

Did you know that registered deaf people can call 911 by text for EMERGENCY in Canada and in some regions in the U.S.? This T911 service is available only to registered deaf phone owners.

ILY in texting
I Love You in texting icons. Source: handspeak.com

Did you know that there is a ASL/Deaf culture emoticon in texting? Search by typing "ILY" in an text messaging app and it may convert into an ILY icon.

When you as a hearing person ask a deaf person for their phone number for a service, they usually give you their phone numbers with the note of texting only. Make sure you write down "TEXT ONLY - deaf", especially when you give them to other hearing people such as technicians or representatives. One of some peeves for deaf signers about hearing people that hearing representatives make phone calls, ignoring or missing the "text" notes.

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