ACCIDENT in sign language

Two ways of expressing the concept of "accident" in American Sign Language (ASL) depends on whether you mean a crash or a careless mistake.

Define: An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage, injury or loss.

Meaning: an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause. E.g. "The pregnancy was an accident."

Related signs: DISASTER.

Creative ASL storytelling

"Unexpected Moment" by the Deaf twins, Amina Ouahid.

Deeply, emotional, poignant story about a car accident. Beautiful, literary art.

Deaf Bing

Deaf Bing - describing in details
Source: "That Deaf Guy" by Matt and Kay Daigle.

When translating from the Deaf Story passage into ASL, I found it very much authentic. Ha.

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