Signs for SHARE

How to sign "share" in American Sign Language (ASL)?

Meaning: Definition: Have a portion of (something) with another or others.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant, horizontal flat hand (handshape), palm in diagonally (orientation), in space in front of the signer with the bottom edge in contact with the top edge of the non-dominant horizontal flat hand (location), dominant hand tilts back and forward a few times (movement).

This ASL verb can be inflected in agreement with the subject-object in a sentence.

Related signwords

As twins, Jack and Jill SPLIT everything they had. They would go to a restaurant they would GO DUTCH, which of course means they would split the bill 50/50. Jack liked going out for pizza, but Jill liked tacos. Pizza of course was much easier to RATION. Trying to split a taco always made a mess -- a mess they'd PARTICIPATE in cleaning up equally. Sometimes nearby a janitor would PARTAKE in cleaning the spill, but that was generally a bad idea because that would be a jinx for them. Jack and Jill would DIVIDE a ride, which is impossible. So, they had to TRADE their seats half way home.

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Written ASL

[Note: ASL writing is not an official standard. This sign language writing remains in a state of open space to allow room for experiment, evolution, and improvement.]

ASL writing for SHARE

ASLwrite symbol for SHARE.

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