Meaning: The ability to control oneself, in particular one's feelings and desires, especially in difficult situations.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant thumb-up hand with its palm facing left if right-handed taps twice on the chest, plus two-handed "European-T" (or sometimes "X") hands apart in space with palms facing each other move forward and backward alternately.

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Are self-control and SELF-DISCIPLINE the same thing? Research generally says they are different psychological processes.

Self-control says no to self or urges the self not to do, whereas self-discipline tells oneself to do and persist.

Having both self-control and self-discipline is a balance. With self-discipline, you get in bed on time and with self-control, you resist browsing news on your phone more than 10 minutes. With self-discipline, you regularly exercise for 10 minutes daily and with self-control, you treat yourself with a cake few times a week, no more.

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