SCARF in sign language

Printable ASL sign for SCARF

How do you sign "scraf" in ASL? Here is how!

Meaning: A length or square of fabric worn around the neck or head.

Is it a bit hard to produce this sign? Many of ASL beginners find this a bit challenging, awkwardly switching left-handed and right-handed and giggling. Now, I'm finding it a bit hard to describe it in English.

Pronunciation (sign description): Non-dominant (e.g. left-handed in this case) flat hand rests on the right chest and stays there while the dominant hand moves -- dominant loosely bent "B" hand with the fingertips in contact with the right shoulder moves in an arc motion around toward the left chest or shoulder and stops there with the dominant fingertips on it.

Whew, not that hard writing the description. I hope you find signing the word not bad, too!

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Stay warm and safe!

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