ASL signs for POUR

Learn how to sign "pour" and its classifiers in American Sign Language. There are several classifier handshapes for "pour", depending on what subject or object is. Sometimes, few of them may be interchangeable.

Because of the nature of classifiers, there are more than this page can offer you some examples. Plus, different signwords for other meanings than "water flowing into a container".

When a container is a cup, a beaker, a carton, ...

Meaning: To cause (a liquid) to flow from a container in a steady stream by holding the container at an angle.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant horizontal "C" hand with palm facing left if right-handed tilts towards the non-dominant horizontal "C" hand, just below the dominant hand.

When a container is a pitcher, a teapot...

Semantic variation: to flow especially from a pitcher.

Pronunciation (sign description): The dominant "Y" handshape as a classifier represents a pitcher, pouring into the "C" handshape, another classifier as a cup, container or other form.

When meaning is "tears pouring down their cheeks", use a different classifer for "crying".

Pronunciation (sign description): Use dominant "S" or "A" handshape for both hands in front of the face near the eyes, where the palm orientation faces down. The hands change into the wiggling "5" handshape while moving downward.

Phrasal verb: pour out:

Meaning: to express one's feelings or thoughts to someone without restraint; to talk freely about something personal.

Become familiar with ASL grammar and synonyms for other meanings, such as "she pours herself into the music", "money shouldn't be poured into low-priority plans", etc.

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