BEACH in sign language

Beach is a heavenly place where people enjoy and relax in the sun, sand, and rolling waves in the ocean. Imagine going to a tropical paradise with light-colored, sandy beaches and energizing blue waters. Sigh, right here I'm sitting and writing in front of the window where I see the piles of snow.

ASL signs for BEACH

Okay, back to work. Here is how to sign "beach" in American Sign Language (ASL)?

Meaning: shore of a sea, lake or ocean.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant horizontal "5" hand, palm down on top of non-dominant palm-down "5" hand, slides outward twice while fingers of dominant hand wiggle.

Fingerspelling is also commonly used.

Vocabulary: related signwords

On a beautiful, hot summer day on the bustling beach, beach-goers were splashing in the WAVES, building SAND castles with SHOVELS and BUCKETS, and lounging in beach chairs with TOWELS and UMBRELLAS. One thing that stood out from all was a kindergarten who had decided to take on an ambitious endeavor -- to dig a hole all the way to China! This kid was wielding her shovel with determination. But the waves kept crashing against the SHORE. Undeterred, she kept going until the SUNSET. By then, she had already dug a significant hole. Time to go, but she'd come back and try again at SUNRISE. Not the sand; she'd try to remove the WATER with a bucket.


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