Signs for BOOKWORM

The term bookworm evokes a stereotypical image of a big-eyed worm with antennae and multiple hands holding many books. None in ASL signs.

These two ASL signs technically mean "voracious readers".

Meaning: Spends much time reading or studying.

Another sign.

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Earl the bookworm lived in a BOOK. Not because he was BOOKISH or enjoyed READING, but because the BOOKCOVER provided shelter from the raven who lived in the LIBRARY and ate bookworms. He'd tuck himself in near the SPINE of the book and every once in a while he's come out to the BOOKSHELF to see the view from the edge of the BOOKCASE. This was ill-advised because everytime he did that, the raven would eat him. Yes, it was a rough life for Earl the bookworm, but luckily Earl was a BOOKMARK who survived every eating, and would go right back between the PAGES once the raven pooped him out. The question remains, why did the LIBRARIAN put up with this mess? Well, the librarian was the raven. He loves going to a BOOKSTORE where he buys a new bookmark once in a while.

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