PARIS in sign language

How to sign the capital of France, "Paris", in American Sign Language (ASL) and some cities in France. A bit of Deaf history in Paris.

Definition: the capital of France, on the River Seine.

Pronunciation/articulation: Two-handed "V" handshapes apart in space, palms facing each other, converge upward and toward each other with the fingers in contact.

Cities in Paris

French Sign Language's signwords for some more cities of France, signed by a Deaf French.

Rennes, France

Rennes, France.

Toulouse, France

Toulouse, France.

Tours, France

Tours, France.

Deaf History

1759: Abbe de l'Epée established a school for the French deaf pupils in Paris.

Deaflympics in Paris
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1924: The first ever Deaflympics (formerly called the International Silent Games) was hosted in Paris, France from August 10 to 17, 1924. Nine nations with 148 athletes participated in the first games, a deaf version of Olympic Games. Ref


Related signs: FRANCE, EUROPE.


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Written ASL

[Note: ASL writing is not an official standard. This sign language writing remains in a state of open space to allow room for experiment, evolution, and improvement.]

ASL written for PARIS, France

Written ASL digit for "PARIS, France" contributed by the ASLwrite community, 2018.

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