ASL signs for NUMBER

How do you say 'number' in American Sign Language? Here is how plus some links to the tutorials to learn how to tell a number and practice ASL number signs.

Meaning: A word or symbol (such as “five” or “16”) that represents a specific amount or quantity.

Pronunciation (sign description): Two "flat O" hands with fingertips and thumbs of both hands are in contact with dominant hand slightly backward while the non-dominant slightly forward. Fingertips of both disconnected while the hands rotate once at the wrists in the opposite direction and then fingertips of both hands touch each other again.

Usage examples: "phone number".


Related signs: SYMBOL, QUOTA.

Opposite: ALPHABET, ABCs.


For beginners, learn how to count cardinal numbers from 1 to 100 in ASL. In ASL numbers, the number system is one-handed, using fingers and thumb.

Feeling a bit savvy beyond the beginner level? Try 100 to 1000s.

The post highlights a time lapse of child acquiring basic numbers and count in sign language from baby to preschool age.

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