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Printable ASL sign for MOON

This word entry contains ASL signs for "moon", kid signing "moon" from baby to kindergarten, and some links to more vocabulary.

ASL signs for 'moon'

For signing "moon" in American Sign Language, there are phonological variations, not necessarily regional variations.

Definition: A natural satellite of a planet; an object that revolves around a planet.

Pronunciation (sign description): Thumb of the dominant "clawed L" or "C" (variation) taps twice on the side of the forehead.

Phonological variation: Either handshape "C" or "baby C" is acceptable. Another phonological variation is the movement: forward from the head.

Kid signing "moon"

The time-lapse video shows how baby first formed the handshape for "moon" and how it evolved.

At age 1;1 during the one-word stage of language development, the baby Juli first learned the "moon" with the handshape error. She first used the unmarked handshape called "baby O". Later, at 1;7, the handshape evolved into the "flat O" handshape before she began to use loose "C" handshape at age 1;11. After age 2;8, she used the correct handshape.

This case study gives an illustration of how language development works among ASL-speaking children, just like in spoken language, hearing English-speaking children follow a natural development of language. Keep in mind, children develop at different pace, but linguistic patterning in the brain remain consistent.

In the video, the part (age 1;1) showed where the baby overcategorized the sun with the moon in the beginning. It's an example of overgeneralization that babies identify similar things within a group, such as cat, dog, and other furries together under one word, the word "mama" for mother and father (and even grandmother and others) and so on, before they learn to differentiate one from another in words from about 10 months old and onward. It's not unusual to see babies calling their father "mama" before they begin to use "dada".

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The moon is a thing of beauty. It glows at night because it reflects the SUN. It gives us romantic MOONLIGHT which allows us to take a MOONBATH in a MOONBEAM. When there is a FULL MOON we turn into wolves and attack the village. I'm not sure why. It probably has something to do with our frustration over MOONWALKING. How do they do that?! Well, I better get out and do some MOON GAZING, it's a NEW MOON tonight. Lock your doors!

ASL Storytelling

ASL Translation for the parable: "The Moon Cannot be Stolen".

For ASL learners, see this tutorial for English text and some grammar tips.

If you enjoy a moon story and/or a true story, see this poetic story, The Moon in my Bedroom. Yes, it's a true story. :)

Written ASL

[Note: ASL writing is not an official standard. This sign language writing remains in a state of open space to allow room for experiment, evolution, and improvement.]

ASL written for MOON

The handshape digit is the "baby C" handshape. The movement is a single, direct line from the head. Digit written in 2017.

ASL written for MOON

Same handshape but different movement (tap twice on the head).

ASL written for MOON

With the normal handshape "C". Digit written in 2018.

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